The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit
The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit
The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit
The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit
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The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit

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"To my surprise, this has genuinely increased my facial hair on my cheeks. I'm 36 and have always had a thick beard on my neck and patchy on my cheeks. My cheeks have improved" - Gavin, New Jersey, NY

No man wants a whispy patchy beard. But sadly for many of us this is the case, we don't all naturally grow thick luscious facial hair. Here at Gatsby we've created the all-in-one kit to give you the strong manly beard you've always wanted. So if you're looking for a beard growth product that actually works, then you've come to the right place.

Get The Results You Want...

    ✅ Longer Fuller Beard
    ✅ Faster Growth
    ✅ Richer Manageable Hair
    ✅ Conditioning Topical Rub
    ✅ 100% All Natural with RARE Essential Plant Oil
    ✅ Money-Back Guarantee

    What's included?

    • Beard Growth Roller
    • Gatsby Activator
    • Gatsby Cleanser
    • Great Gatsby Pocket Comb


    A unique formula of essential oils, vitamins and nutrients created to activate and stimulate your facial hair follicles promoting new growth where there previously was none and thicker, healthier growth from follicles with weak and whispy hairs.


    Our beard growth formula comes with a specialised follicle brush to aid in delivering the essential nutrition your follciles need to start a growth spurt. Use the brush after applying the oils to allow the formula to quickly penetrate your skin below the sebaceous gland. Directly stimulating the hair bulb.


    Proper nutrition and stimulation can encourage hair growth at over 3x the previous growth rate. Often the number one controllable factor in reducing growth time is follicle stress. Providing proper care and nutrition can reduce this significantly.


    Just like how proper nutrition increases growth speed it can also promotes thicker healthier growth in existing hair follicles and stimulates new growth in hairless ones. Overall using the essential oils formula along with the specialised brush can increase beard thickness and volume by up to 90%.

    How long will it take for results?

    The key here, as with most things, is patience. Most men will see the signs of growth from new follicles within 5-7 weeks. Although this obviously will vary from case to case.

    Please don’t expect to grow a full beard within a couple of days. The beard growth kit is a miracle worker but not that kind of miracle. But we don’t be discouraged by this, just continue with the regular use of your growth kit, eventually the results will come.

    We recommend using the growth kit for at least 6 months to make sure you get the most out of the treatment. However, this will vary depending on what your goals are. Always do what’s best for you while following our guidelines.

    So, what does it do?

    So basically, the specialised formula of essential oils, vitamins and nutrients is designed to support stronger hair growth in existing hairs and activators in the formula are present to stimulate new growth in dormant follicles.

    The roller creates lots of microscopic holes in your skin that allows the activators to flow to the closed dormant follicles. Ultimately the roller helps the formula get delivered to the right areas, speeding up the improvement. 

    How do you use it?

    The formula should be used every day after washing. Apply the oil and let it soak into your skin and leave it there for the day.

    Use the roller every 3 days to help with the delivery of the activators to your dormant follicles. Do not use the roller every day, this is not required and could result in acne or other skin blemishes if you over-do it. 

    What about shaving while using the growth kit?

    No. try to avoid if at all possible. Having a close shave could damage new hairs growth before they have been fully established, prolonging the time to reach your desired results.

    Plus, shaving foams and liquids can wash and dilute the oils the treatment is adding to your skin.

    By all means trim, maintain and shape your beard with an electric trimmer or scissors however we do not recommend using a traditional razor. 

    What about side effects?

    The product has never been found to have any side effects. As mentioned above the worst-case scenario is a bit of facial acne if the roller is used too often but even that is rare and avoidable.

    How much do I get in the bottle?

    Depending on the amount you use each day you’ll probably get somewhere 60-80 days of use out of the formula. People with long existing beards usually go through the bottle faster as the oils get wasted on the hairs far away from the face.

    What about the roller?

    The roller lasts a bit longer than the average bottle of beard growth formula however we recommend getting a new one with a new bottle as this will guarantee sharp clean needles and reduce the chances of skin irritation.

    What happens if I stop using the formula?

    Well, if you stop using early in your regiment then nothing will happen, you’ll not receive any hair growth.

    If you do use it for several months and after a long period of growth and good results your hairs will be naturally strong enough to maintain themselves without using our beard growth formula. However, we do recommend you use the beard growth formula ever once in a while as it is still useful for maintaining a health beard. 

    Can I use it on my head?

    Well, this is a trickier one. Technically yes you can use it on your head and some of the active ingredients of the formula may indeed promote hair growth. However, we cannot guarantee any results for usage in this manner. The Gatsby growth kit is designed and tested specifically for facial hair. We have heard anecdotal evidence of it working but we can say definitively if it will.

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